The Walking Jed (or If you can't beat'em, just rip them off!)

So my brother-in-law works in TV in LA and sometimes he gives me a heads up on what's coming through the network pipeline. Apparently, one broadcast  network in particular has looked at the success of a cable  network, and their own successes with spin-offs and revivals and decided to go all in on a popular trend...

Here is their proposed Saturday line-up.

This week on "The Walking Jed"-
As Jed leads his family to Hooterville, Ellie May wonders how much longer she can hide Grannie's condition, leading to the most harrowing "Aw, Pa, can't I keep her?" scene ever. Meanwhile, at Green Acres, Mr. Drysdale comes face to face with a problem money just won't solve and Ms. Hathaway finally admits her true feelings to Ralph. And at The Shady Rest, Uncle Joe? He's moving kinda slow.
CBS/Saturdays 8pm/B&W/Flatt&Scruggs

on "The Walking Ted" -

Lou is forced to admit that he can't keep the newsroom gang together anymore, Sue Ann tricks Murray into locking Ted out of the studio during his live interview with a zombie. Mary's incessant hat tossing finally attracts someone's attention and Chuckles The Chipmunk... returns.
CBS/Saturdays 9pm/MTM

on "The Walking Bed (and Breakfast)"
As Larry prepares for the return of his brother Daryl and his other brother Daryl, Dick finally realizes that all this time he's been talking on an imaginary telephone. George admits the truth about what happened to Michael, Stephanie learns what a stove does, and Joanna dies and comes back but no one can tell the difference.

And they're not content with primetime...

on "The Walking Fred"...
Fred and the gang have a "Dabba Doo" time at the quarry. Wilma strangles the bird before it can repeat what it heard from the stork. Gazoo struggles to repair his spaceship with stone-age technology and Bam-Bam puts his club to good use.

and on

The Walking Ted Talks...
Temple Grandin describes her stress-free zombie slaughterhouse. Mark Cuban proposes undead enterprise zones and Amanda Palmer live tweets the final 18 minutes of her human existence, accompanied by Neil Gaiman on a tiny piano.


  1. And next season...

    Undead addicts stagger and snack through a sober living house on the Walking Meds.

    Competitive speed walkers can't seem to put any distance between themselves and the flesh eaters on the Walking Peds.

    And Flanders finds himself forsaken and left behind in a savage Springfield on the Walking Ned.


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