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Found Objects

I like to use what I find. Really. There are items that I like to use that I can restock, like glasses and lightning bolts. But the things that I love are the bizarre little I'll-never-find-that-again items... like this guy's head over here.
It's a little plastic lantern charm from a bracelet. I got it from my friend, Rhinestone Rosie, in Seattle. She buys, sells and restores vintage jewelry. Every now and then, I'll walk into her little shop up on Queen Ann Hill and ask her what she's trying to get rid of. And I'll walk out with a hundred or so wacky jewelry fragments. Some I'll use immediately... others, like this one will sit on the edge of my consciousness for years until i see the place where they belong.

In this case, where it belonged was on a bolo tie at the top of this little tiny robot body that came out of a bag I bought at Goodwill.

There's a writer I love named Grant Morrison who creates these terrifyingly surreal villains, guys with sciss…

Oh, My Goddess!

Here's an oldie but goodie... Oh, My Goddess, a moon sculpture I did a few years back, built on a silver platter I found at Value Village (my favorite art supply store).

She's about 14 inches across and just as vibrant as she looks here. I literally stumbled into doing this and I'm glad I took the chance in combining these materials.

The rays are made by inverting martini picks and imbedding them in the clay. They catch the light as if they were made of glass.

The photography is by my friend, the great Hap Sakwa.
You can check out his work here.

Then I woke up in Paris!

When I first started sculpting, I walked into a conversation about me at a snarky actor party and heard someone say "What's the big deal? He makes a face and he puts a thing on top of it's head!"

I really couldn't argue with that, although I felt like there was more to it and I should be insulted by the observation. But it was just an  observation...

... and it was true.  But I guess the difference was the way I would see the thing I was sticking on top of the head and the story it would start to tell me when I stuck it there.

Tonight's piece is another person who put on the rhinestone cat's eye glasses... and look what happened to her!

Then I Woke Up In Paris! is available in my Etsy store.

Talk Like A Pirate!

Sometimes, I just look at what I have piled up on my workbench and think if I put this together with this and this, what could I do with it?

So here we have what happens when you have a little tiny skull, a cell phone charm, a palm tree, some chain, and an old costume bracelet that has links that look like eyepatches (if you turn them sideways!).

Talk Like A Pirate is available in
my Etsy store.

The Cheap Visual Joke of the Day!

Your new Toyota!
Goodnight, everybody! Enjoy the buffet!

Your New Toyota is available in my Etsy Store.

Sunday With The Superheroes

Confession time. Everything I know about anatomy, I learned from comic books. I... am a geek.

And there is no comic book character I love more then Batman.
Superman is decent, hardworking, true and nigh on omnipotent. The Flash is the product of a freak accident. Tony Stark is the kind of guy you'd love to party with, but you can't see him looking at a kid who's just had his parents gunned down and saying "Come with me. I'll take care of you." Batman's just a guy in a costume who gets up and does a million crunches and a thousand pushups, who made himself smarter and faster and more determined than the other

And how does he make his impression? As a bat. Have you ever actually seen a bat? They're not scary! They're tiny, fragile, meek creatures with hollow bones and wings as thin as paper, very gentle. But somehow, he pulls it off, creating this terrifying silhouette. The cape that makes that intimidating shape can also wrap someone up and pr…