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There's Art In Here Somewhere...

No, really... there is. I took these picture a couple of nights ago while I was cleaning the studio and rearranging stuff, and trying to plan out what I would do on the blog for the next few days. I typed the above title and hit save before the idea slipped away.

We've been cleaning house and rearranging stuff to make room for an art show we're doing this weekend. For the last year or so, my studio has sprawled into a space that I've always wanted to use as display space. Now that I've got another artist as a housemate, it seems like a great time to turn that idea into a reality. With all the stuff that I fling around while I'm working, I thought it would be fun and funny to create a piece as i was cleaning and make the title to this post literally true.

Little did I know that when Coop and I moved my work bench I would find this smiling up at me... "Joy To The World", finished, titled, mounted on a stand and lost to the world at least six months ago!

See It Before It's Gone...

As I was driving along Highway 405 in Renton today, I made way for a 4x4 to merge into my lane. One side of the truck was all covered in mud, like it had just splashed through a huge mud puddle. I figured the driver had taken it off-roading somewhere. Being an overgrown child myself, my first thought was wee-hah! but my second thought was i wonder if he ran over any tortoises... or trashed a beaver dam... or heedlessly damaged the environment he was blasting through too fast to even notice it?
I know. Total buzzkill. But I live across the street from this great little park that's built on the site of a natural spring and the home of these cool little frogs... at least it's supposed to be. Years ago, the state took the dirt it had scraped up when expanding I-5 and dumped it all in the land around the spring, burying it and wiping out the frogs and god knows what else lived in the woods and waters there. A few years back, an effort was made to reclaim the land. Fill dirt was e…

Out of Chaos comes order... eventually.

"Princess Party" available in my Etsy store...
If that is the butterfly, then this must be the cocoon...

I Juggle Cats For A Living

I'm trying to get my work bench cleared off but every time I make an empty space, Burt the Wonder Cat decides that it may be the perfect space for a nap... or a nice place from which to offer moral support... or maybe that space shouldn't be empty so he knocks over a jar of beads there to give us both something to play with. Then when i go back to sit down in my desk chair, I find Harley the Feline Fury there keeping it warm for me. That must be what she's doing, because there's certainly no room for both of us in the chair.  Sigh...This is going to take longer than I thought.

I Juggle Cats For a Living available here