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A Dark Knight Over Metropolis

Look, I love comics. I love myths, I love heroes, villains, destiny, escapism, allegory, creativity... I love stories! I love what they say about us as a species, that the moment we live in is more valuable than we know, that sometimes, to understand who we are and what we are capable of, we have to dress ourselves up in funny clothes and  paint ourselves into a big story on a huge canvas. Then, maybe, we can look back and go ... "Oh, right... metaphor. The heroes and villains are us, what we could be and what we should never be."

There are two big corporate comic publishers (there are lots of small ones, too!), DC and Marvel.
I like'em both, but I have a soft spot for DC, the home of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and all the spawn of the Justice Society/League over 75+ years of publishing. Marvel is great, but they always tried to be set in the now. DC has a sense of history... this hero led to that hero, maybe by family, maybe by inspiration, but eventually you'd…