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Last week, I once again got to work with the amazing kids of Edmonds Elementary School. This time we were creating a 3-D collage piece for the annual art auction. The kids came up with some great stuff, but this time was a little different... I asked them to think of titles for their work. Check out what they came up with...

 the one on the right is called "Mosquito"

Imagination... use it or lose it!

So last week, I saw a couple of movies. One I really wanted to because it looked like a textbook example of how not to market a good film and one I stumbled on to and kept watching because it was a textbook example of how to make a bad film.
That guy with the four arms is from the good film, "John Carter". Make that, the great film. Often I'll go to a genre film and justify liking it because of the sheer amount of imagination it's throwing up on the screen, regardless of success. "JC" pulls it off with success to spare... imagination, stunning production design, good actors, even the ones voicing CGI creations like Tars Tarka up there (he's a martian warrior with a sense of compassion within a survive at all costs culture. Willem Dafoe just hits it out of the park with his voice acting. At one point, he has a telescope in two hands, his reins in a third, and he still has one hand left over to smack the hero with!). It even has a very satisfying plot stru…