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Having a good weekend so far at "The Best". Attendance was good for a Friday in a brand new venue.
The space is a new cruise terminal on Elliot Bay. Like all cruise terminals in our dumb century, there are issues... staff and security that make you feel guilty of something for trying to be there at all, parking and shuttle bus issues... all of that seems to be getting worked out as we go. The light in our room is stunning and you can't beat the view.

Some new pieces...

okay... it's 6:30 am and I need to finish a couple of things before I leave for the show... I would have done so last night, but the 8:30 catnap turned into an 8 hour snooze-a-thon.


Where I'll be this weekend...

The Best of the Northwest I'll be here all weekend.  It's a stunning location down on Elliot Bay. Click the link for directions and Parking info.  Come on down!

tonight's batch

I hit some buttons In Photoshop that I never played with before and rather than get derailed from my todo list, I'm going to walk away from my computer... but I've got some ideas.

Still working on the menorahs....

...but I got a bunch of Christmas pieces done today!

Among other things....
Also did an Open Door show today and we have another tomorrow... have I mentioned that acting life and death situations in elementary schools cafetoriums is all at once intense, absurd and amazing?

More to come...

And another!

It's been quite a day... 55 pieces of jewelry finished... and this guy...

The Time Traveller Goes Shopping available here
and lots of stuff like this... more to come...

Ta Daaaa!

The finished product...

available here...