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Everybody Panic!


You work with what you got...

The guy in the picture here is Jack. He's from Alaska. He was a guest on the Royal Argosy Dinner Cruise this past Saturday. He didn't know it, but his friends had set him up to be a suspect in the murder mystery we were putting on that night. We ask people to give us some personal info  when they make their reservations so we can work them into the story. So Jack's friends gave us this picture.

They had no idea how perfect a picture they chose. Saturday night, we opened a new script I wrote called "Spaced Invasion" all about alien abductees and recovered memories and lost hybrid spacebabies. Usually, I'll get info on a few guests a couple of hours ahead of time and then set about coming up with some insane yarn that ties them into the body we just found (in this show, it's a guy named Phredd, who might be an alien or might be a con man, but either way he's dead and his body was found up on the roof of the Experience Music Project).

There's a rule…