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Enter The Kitty!

this pin, "Asian Studies", is available here

New Stuff!

Commissions, Commissions, Commissions!

For Dot...

For Carolyn...
"herbal tea"
"third show"
just for fun... "genetic engineering" available here

Sometimes The Answer Is Yes

... just sayin'.

"Sometimes the Answer is Yes" is available in my Etsy Store


August is coming to an end, it's been a crazy busy month... teaching, performing, making new work... and somehow I missed really celebrating  my Birthday (hint... it was a big one). Big Mistake...The Leo Police are coming to take away my astrological sign. So I looked around at all the great men throughout history and asked myself... what would they do? Washington... Lincoln... F.A.O. Schwartz?

They'd have a sale!

So welcome to the First Annual From The Mind Of Greg Delaney Birthday Sale!

Go to:
Browse my new work, there's 50-something pieces up there and from now until Sept. 10, everything I post will be marked at half-price! So if you passed on something this summer because the time wasn't right or you just want to stock the "gift closet" for the holidays, now is the perfect time to go shopping. I'll be putting up new work all the way through the sale so check back often!

And when the sale is over... I'm goi…

A Public Service Announcement...

Please...don't drink and style.
available here

Motorized Barstool, part deux

So, remember back a couple of weeks ago... that story about "Chalice"? The lady who got a DWI ticket for taking a riding mower on a beer run? What could make that story better? What if I said I just found out that she drove all the way to the deli on the riding mower and the lawn mower was ENGAGED the whole time... you know, blade spinning, chopping stuff up, gravel and rocks and trash flying everywhere? What if I told you she walked into the deli completely covered in dust from said spinning mower blade? What if I told you she walked up to the counter, ordered two packs of cigarettes and when asked for payment, she slammed a big jar full of pocket change on the counter and said "Count it yourself!"?


Wow... you're a tough crowd.

Okay... what if I told you that while the cashier was staring slack jawed at the jar full of change she had just stuck him with, "Chalice" turned around, grabbed a 24-pack of The King Of Beers, bolted out of the store, fi…