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The Walking Jed (or If you can't beat'em, just rip them off!)

So my brother-in-law works in TV in LA and sometimes he gives me a heads up on what's coming through the network pipeline. Apparently, one broadcast  network in particular has looked at the success of a cable  network, and their own successes with spin-offs and revivals and decided to go all in on a popular trend...

Here is their proposed Saturday line-up.

This week on "The Walking Jed"-
As Jed leads his family to Hooterville, Ellie May wonders how much longer she can hide Grannie's condition, leading to the most harrowing "Aw, Pa, can't I keep her?" scene ever. Meanwhile, at Green Acres, Mr. Drysdale comes face to face with a problem money just won't solve and Ms. Hathaway finally admits her true feelings to Ralph. And at The Shady Rest, Uncle Joe? He's moving kinda slow.
CBS/Saturdays 8pm/B&W/Flatt&Scruggs

on "The Walking Ted" -
Lou is forced to admit that he can't keep the newsroom gang together anymore, Sue Ann tricks Mu…

A New York State of Mind

Soooo... Last week was an impromptu trip to New York City, the place of my birth! Definitely a best of times/worst of times situation. My birth father, Jerry Delaney is not doing to well (hint: if you smoke, knock it off! Looking cool now is not worth what you're gonna face in 40 or 50 years.) And I haven't seen my Mom in a couple of years and my brother Glen in even longer and I had a good week at the Coins and if I booked the right flights I could stretch 2 days off into almost 4... so Goodbye, Moderate Dampness - Hello Freezing Cold Midtown Traffic!
I took the red-eye out of Sea-Tac on Tuesday night, which got me across the country in four hous and had me landing at JFK just after sunrise. Where I almost immediately get picked up by this guy... That's right, the inimitable John Salatti. I called him thinking he'd be in DC  and found him in West Babylon. Instant Wingman! (just add coffee) An hour of wandering around Queens in the Mike Salatti Mystery Machine and Ba…