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Slow and Steady

This one is for my friend Patrice. She has a lovely old box turtle named Zacharina (she started out as Zachary, but you know how shy turtles can be... it took a while to figure out just where she stood on the gender line). Anyway, Patrice loves my stuff and she loves her turtle, so why not put them together?

"It is better to move than not to move"

Sorry I haven't posted in a while... Sometimes you just have to get a straight job, y'know? It takes all this training and focus and then you have to be available to actually Do It and if they like you they ask you to do it ALOT.  But that's good. Bill are getting paid and progress is being made in a lot of exciting areas... more to come on that... If you're waiting for a commissioned piece or a repair from me, your wait is almost over.

What are you doing this weekend? Why don't you come down to the Dojo I train at and spend a day getting in touch with your physical side. My friend Furmansky has organized a day of movement workshops all day Saturday, July 7th. Eight Classes for just Seven Bucks! I know it says seven classes but we added a yoga class at the end of the day! How's that for value?

I'll be teaching the Stage Combat section. I'll just be focusing on Hand to Hand stuff, emphasizing safety and teamwork between partners, but most of all FUN. By…