"You have the right to remain happy" 

In the history of costume, has there ever been anyone as gleefully out there as Carmen Miranda?
   I know Lady Gaga is going for the outlandish these days, but there's something really disturbing about her look sometimes.And Elton John in his prime went for the car, but he'd do the full body duck suit and other conceptual marvels. Ms. Miranda just needed a bunch of bananas and something to hold them to her head.
She'd slap that fruit on, match it with a sexy dress and sell it all through the sheer force of her talent and personality. 
I have to respect that.

"You have the right to remain happy" appears courtesy of The Douglass-Geer Collection.


  1. My Miranda Warning is better! :P

  2. You and Toni are just going to have to fight it out!

  3. Does the picture say "we're happy because we eat Lard"?

  4. The picture does say that. I'll tell you about it sometime.


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