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I Turn My Head For Five Minutes!

What is Mother Nature thinking right now?
...just sayin'.

I Turn My Head For Five Minutes is available in my Etsy Store.

(and like everything else it's on sale!)

Cleaning House!

I just returned from  my father's memorial in Florida,where I learned many things... almost all of them good,  which I will write about soon. Unfortunately I learned something else down there and that is that while I was getting ready to make this trip, one of my housemates skipped out in the middle of the night and moved to Philadelphia, leaving me on the hook for his rent and utility bills! I don't need to say this could not have happened at a crappier time...

But as the old saying goes. "When life hands you lemons, you open up your lemonade stand and have a clearance sale!

I'm on sale?

That's right! For the next three days, until 5pm Friday. Everything in my online shop is 50% off!

so that means  She's on Sale!!!

And She's on Sale!

And They're on Sale, Too! So click on over to my store. If you've been thinking about picking up something, now is the perfect time. Prices are already marked down to the sale price. (standard shipping rates still apply) And, …