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Four Seasons on a drippy april morn

FALL a poem for the morning after completing a big project...
Off to the con. I have a very good feeling about this....

Did you know...?

Did you know....

.....that in order to grow healthy roses, you have to literally hack the living crap out of them after each winter and cut your bushes down to little itty-bitty stumps because if you don't the plants will grow all the way through the winter until they look like multi-legged anorexic supermodels standing on their heads in the dirt?

And did you know that, having cut them to within an inch of their existence, you might put them into shock, perhaps giving the impression you've slaughtered them in their beds?

But did you know that you just have to wait a week or two and the plant will slowly sprout again? Because, you should know, that roses are the cockroach of the plant kingdom and pretty much nothing you and your misguided attempts at gardening  can do anything to stop the return of these stylish and iron willed Cactus relatives!

And did you know that April is National Poetry Month?

And did you know that you should not be intimidated by poetry?
It's tr…