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Happy Accidents

I love the lustre of this piece. I called it "Twilight".  It seems to give off its own internal light. It comes from a combination of castoff things I found at Value Village. I sculpted the face on the back of a brass bowl and then set it inside a silver plated cookie tray. The curved metals bounce the light back and forth and give it this beautiful glow.

I hadn't planned that... sometimes I just play in the studio, putting things together to see what happens... you never know unless you try.

Twilight is available in my Etsy store.

Fringe Benefits

So... I'm still down in texas. Looks like I'm gonna be here a day longer... so while i'm here I'm going to enjoy my time with the folks I care about 'round these parts (since I see them so seldomly). This is one of them. His name is Drake Grimes. His dad is a really cool man named Tadd and His mom is an amazing woman named Krickett.

Krickett has been my right hand down here since 1996, my first year at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. I was on my own and   I was in a little over my head with the energy of the whole experience. A wonderful artist named Gayla sent one of her helpers over to take care of me... and that started a relationship that carries on to this day. I didn't see much of my Krickett this year, due to the development of this little guy, but once you hold somebody like this in your arms, you realize that sometimes there are more important things than selling art . And lucky for me, there are people like Shannon out there to back me up. And Carolyn…