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Joy to the World

Wow... sometimes you create in response to your life and other times your life seems to catch up with what you create. Yes, I'm back... sorry for the lack of posting the last couple of weeks... straight jobs can be quite demanding and quite exhausting! Thanks to everyone for all the sweet birthday wishes. Thanks especially to Rocky, who showed up at Harborside in uniform Saturday night and told me "Go home! I'm taking your shift!"

    This is "Joy to the World".  I did this piece a few years ago. Last week, I found myself thinking about it thanks to some wonderful people who just happened to sit in my section on a Sunday afternoon.

    I love the Virgin of Guadalupe as an icon, but I am always disturbed and saddened by how dour all the versions of it always are. The idea that Mary would get the news that she would be giving birth to a spirit that would change the world for the better seems like it would fill her with joy rather than sadness. Really. But if…