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Astro Boy

Hi. I'm back from Texas. This is a picture of my van, Astro Boy, under a tree by the side of the road in Eastern New Mexico. Astro and I had a fine trip, navigating our way across the country via my iPhone. But now we're back!
Back in Seattle. Back in the snow... and boy am I glad for 4wheel drive!

So, I'm taking a break from the road for a while... This month, I'm moving my art studio down to this big space at the dojo, "The Dungeon"... I need a little room to get away from all the found objects I've found. Before Christmas I was tripping over so many stacked up ideas and potential greatness that i could hardly think straight. So i'll be posting new work as i unearth it... in the meantime, if you're anywhere near Mesila, New Mexico, check out the new show at the Rokoko Art Gallery!

My friends Mitch and A. me Alamag invited me to be part of The Mixed Nutz Show this month. Here are some shots from the opening night!

finally, here's a new pin in …