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My Kid Is Smarter Than Yours

This is Anwar...
I've been watching him grow up since he was 10 years old. Back then he wasn't as big as I was, but he was close! Now I think he has a whole foot in height and easily one Delaney in weight on me. What you're seeing is the moment he touched down after throwing a perfect tornado kick while presenting  one of his forms in his recent test. For those who don't know what that looks like, stand with your right foot forward. Now turn your head all the way to your left until your eyes are facing front again. You should be twisted up by now. When you feel like a spring that needs to release or explode, throw your left knee up in the air as high as you can get it and let your body unwind in mid-air. You'll find your right leg wants to follow. Straighten it out, point your heel toward the ceiling and try to bring your right foot across your field of vision like you're slapping somebody in the face with it. Touch down with your left foot and let your right le…

Pink Martini

Something light and refreshing for a beautiful summer's evening...

Available here

The Pause that Refreshes...

This piece...

... is called "Look What I Can Do!". I hear my buddy, Coop, say it all the time. When he says it, it usually mocks someone who has done something particularly foolish and self-destructive. For me, it's more about the moment of sitting back after I've been obsessing on a piece for hours or days and now it's finally done and I can look at it and be satisfied. Often I'll go right back at it and work it some more... but sometimes I can just look at it and be happy.

I takes me back to the first things I ever built with clay. Little Dinosaurs for my kid sister. A Swamp Thing for my friend Lisa. A thing exists that wasn't there before. How cool...

"Look What I Can Do" is available in my Etsy store.

American Zombie!

This piece was originally intended to be an elegant sort of Sci-Fi Native American warrior woman... but then I pinched her face and stretched it a little too much, messing up the mouth. I almost squished it and started over... then I saw the way the clay had folded and left what looked like little fangs at the corners of her mouth. So I gave into the spookiness of it, changed up the eyes and here she is!

All Robots Go To Heaven

My friend Eileen sent me a box full of burned out and beaten up switches and controllers, whoever took the device apart definitely followed the principal of "destroy the thing in order to save it". But they were so interesting i decided I had to make some clunky, confused robot pieces out of them. I often wonder about the energy we run through our machines and the energy that runs through our bodies. What's the difference? Where does it go when we turn off the lights?

"All Robots Go to Heaven" is available here.

Today I am a machine...

I'm just going to keep posting until I catch up on these guys...

"I Heart Robocalls" is available here.

Crank it up to 11!

I was at an art show recently where the metal band was more than a little too loud for the crowd. When asked to turn it down, the band decided it couldn't rock any less  than they packed up and left. This is for them...

"Her First Power Chord" is available in my Etsy Store.

What day is it?

I'm back from another crazy week (This is how I look today, though). More to come...
This pin, "I'll Keep an Eye on Things" is available in my Etsy store