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Moving Day

Much to Harley's chagrin, I'm moving my studio down into "The Dungeon", a big storage space at Quantum. Whenever small boxes go into big boxes, it means I'm taking a road trip, so first the cats try and stow away in the luggage (see above), then when that doesn't work, they begin the snubbing.

We're into the snubbing phase today.

 This is what my workbench looks like after I've tipped it over and dumped everything into a box. It hasn't been that clean for at least a year.
Here it is in its new home. (Thanks, Shecky!)  Stay tuned!

Staff Infection!

A couple of weeks ago, my  friend Carol Davies called me up and asked me if I'd be willing to create a prop for the Edmonds School District musical. They're doing Disney's "Aladdin" (it seems like everyone is doing Disney's "Aladdin" this year...
in fact, Edmonds is so fond of the idea, they're doing it in two different schools with two different casts!

Meadowdale Middle School 
This weekend!

Edmonds Elementary

Anyway, I needed to make the staff for Jafar, the bad guy... remember him?

So I grabbed a broomstick, some wire, a gallon of Elmer's Glue, Reynolds Wrap, some paper towels and newsprint, and a little polymer clay and went to work!

 But, of course it needed to be gold, so I had to make a trip to Lowe's for some spray paint...

Instant Evil!
Good Luck, Everybody!

Part of the Solution

The guy with the dazzling smile in the picture with me is my old friend, John Salatti. I don't mean that he's old, although I have known him for 36 years so you would think he might be old by now... but he's probably the youngest guy I know. He's a husband, a teacher, a lawyer and a damned good person. For the last several years, in addition to running a company that takes him all over the world teaching lawyers to speak English (instead of Lawyer-ish),  he's been working in Washington, D.C. as a neighborhood commissioner.

D.C. is a rather unique place to live. It's not exactly a city, but neither is it a state. It's got people who pay taxes to the government, but they don't have an actual voting representative in Congress. Over 617,000 people live there, people who work in education and entertainment and hospitality  and the military  and, oh yeah, the Federal Government. The District  is governed by a Mayor and a  13 member City Council. They are aide…