When will he ever learn?

I'm sorry. I can't keep up with this stuff anymore. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen pulled the ripcord today ( ) and bailed out after a very short tenure, during which time she took a lot of heat for being the face of the Trump administration's border control policies. Stuff like family separations where children got lost in the system because no one bothered to make a connection between them and their parents who were either on their way home or to prison. Thousands of children separated from their families because the administration jumped into a policy with both feet before anyone thought through the implications or the simple logistics of it (sorry, the logistics were anything but simple).

Unfortunately, the President stacked the deck in his favor, by either replacing his administrators with yes men and women, or not replacing them at all, adding more stress to a system that didn'…

Stan The Man!

Oh, this week... with everything else going on, did we have to lose this guy? Say what you will about all the convoluted history of Marvel Comics, and who did what, and what got "lost"(stolen) from people like Jack Kirby and others, there was never a better spokesman for the comics community than Stan Lee.

Yes, he had a hand in creating some of the most iconic and enduring characters in popular fiction (that's what comic books are , by the way. You don't need to be three hundred pages by Philip Roth to be literature... you just need someone to actually read you. And, boy, did we read his stuff over the last forty-something years). He created superhuman characters that were sometimes all too human. A Spiderman who could save the city but had trouble paying his rent. An Iron Man who was as addicted to booze as he was to heroism. A Mister Fantastic who could solve any problem on a chalkboard but had trouble figuring out the heart of an Invisible Woman. A big, rock encr…

One year ago, but it seems like yesterday...

It was a year ago today that the world lost my friend, student, training partner and, yes, teacher, Anwar Leonard.
I had no idea that much time had passed. I think of him often and I feel his absence constantly so in a sense, that moment of loss is still present and ongoing.  It hit hard a couple of weeks ago when the news broke that Chris Cornell had taken his own life in Detroit. It wasn't so painful just because he was famous. It was painful because I am close to people who were close to him. One of the DJ's on KEXP that day described Seattle as not so much a small city as a big neighborhood and it's hard to go far without running into someone who has a great memory or story about Chris.

That was so true about Anwar.

His family took a couple of weeks to process as well as they could the loss of their son and then put one foot in front of the other and arranged a memorial. For the friends mostly... we needed to remember him out loud and we needed to let them know how muc…


It's been a challenging week. I had a day off. I needed a really good, big-ass roaring monster movie. Boy, did I pick the right one!

Kong: Skull Island is the best damned  big monster movie I've seen in years. I saw Cloverfield. Liked it. Saw Godzilla. Pretty impressed. Saw Jurassic Whatever. Whatever. Skull Island takes a bunch of classic Big Ass Monkey tropes that we feel like we've seen a million times (Kong, two remakes, son of kong, Konga, Gorgo, Jurassic Parks... all of them, The Valley of Gwangi, both those Japanese King Kong movies), dusts them off, stands them up circa 1974 , thrills you and makes you care without giving you the same old monster with a heart of gold gets dragged out of his kingdom and brought low by ignorant greedy humans plot.

Granted, I got there late... Seattle traffic sucks... missed the first fifteen minutes or so, but the plot was clear enough that I could reverse engineer the intro for myself. Got there as the choppers were taking off fro…


So, recently I completed this piece. It's a self portrait... you may think everything i do is a self portrait and you may be right... but this is the first one that I actually tried to make in my own image.

        And therein lies a tale...

       Once upon a time there was a young, married couple (Padi and I). We lived in an apartment we shared with her longtime roommate, a spectacular orange and white tomcat by the name of Rick. Rick was an excellent cat, even tempered, tolerant, prone to purring rather than biting.

We called him Snackie. Y'know, because that's what he liked to eat.

 He had watched over Padi for more than a dozen years and eventually made room for me in his household (for, who are we kidding, the cats run the joint). I liked him fine and I was under the impression he tolerated me, which is the best you can hope for when you're the new guy in the picture...

       And then one night all that changed. He and I were surfing the couch while &…

A Dark Knight Over Metropolis

Look, I love comics. I love myths, I love heroes, villains, destiny, escapism, allegory, creativity... I love stories! I love what they say about us as a species, that the moment we live in is more valuable than we know, that sometimes, to understand who we are and what we are capable of, we have to dress ourselves up in funny clothes and  paint ourselves into a big story on a huge canvas. Then, maybe, we can look back and go ... "Oh, right... metaphor. The heroes and villains are us, what we could be and what we should never be."

There are two big corporate comic publishers (there are lots of small ones, too!), DC and Marvel.
I like'em both, but I have a soft spot for DC, the home of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and all the spawn of the Justice Society/League over 75+ years of publishing. Marvel is great, but they always tried to be set in the now. DC has a sense of history... this hero led to that hero, maybe by family, maybe by inspiration, but eventually you'd…

Four Movie Haikus

Exorcist : The Beginning

Ex-Father Merrin finds faith through re-possession and almost gets laid

Friday Foster

Just type random words... If you put Pam Grier in it, I have to watch it

The Raid 2 : Berandal

When there's no escape... how you'd solve any problem... kung fu in a car!

Age ofthe Dragons
Steampunk Moby Dick With Ahab Danny Glover!
Who thinks this shit up?