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This morning was a good news/bad news kind of morning. The good news was that it was a sunny day, my housemate Coop was in the kitchen making his daughters laugh, I was excited to write a speech for Rik and Piper's 20th anniversary party tonight, I was looking forward to a trip to see my sister this weekend, and down in Texas, Lindsey was getting ready to show off to a book editor. To top it all off, the first "Chronicles of Narnia" movie was playing in the background... and somehow that segued right into the bad news...

As I sat at the table next to young Domina (who was, as usual, coloring very carefully within the lines) and started my morning news-surf on my computer, I ran right into the weird discovery that the man pictured here, one of the executive producers of the Narnia films, had died yesterday in New York City.

His name was Perry Moore and aside from nurturing the Chronicles into their onscreen  lives, he wrote a very good book a couple of years back. It'…

Teacher of the Year

"Teacher of the Year "
 Here's to anybody who's got the guts  and the heart to stand up in front of a room full of kids  and teach them something... anything at all. 

Scene of the Crime

One of the questions that comes up when I try to sell my work online is just how big my pins actually are.  You can give a measurement... but that really doesn't give any sense of the scale of a piece. So from now on, I'll try to put something else in one of the shots to give folks a better idea of how large or small things are...

The pin in question is called "Scene of the Crime".  It's smaller than Batman. But what isn't?
"Jazz Hands"
"Building A Mystery"
"Simply Baffled"
This one's not for sale... it belongs to one of my Texas regulars. She dropped it off for repair and I thought I'd get a shot of it while I had it. I haven't done work in this style for quite a while. It's fun to look back on the phases I go through.