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So, recently I completed this piece. It's a self portrait... you may think everything i do is a self portrait and you may be right... but this is the first one that I actually tried to make in my own image.

        And therein lies a tale...

       Once upon a time there was a young, married couple (Padi and I). We lived in an apartment we shared with her longtime roommate, a spectacular orange and white tomcat by the name of Rick. Rick was an excellent cat, even tempered, tolerant, prone to purring rather than biting.

We called him Snackie. Y'know, because that's what he liked to eat.

 He had watched over Padi for more than a dozen years and eventually made room for me in his household (for, who are we kidding, the cats run the joint). I liked him fine and I was under the impression he tolerated me, which is the best you can hope for when you're the new guy in the picture...

       And then one night all that changed. He and I were surfing the couch while &…