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Everybody's A Critic

I don't always feel this way, but sometimes...
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Time out!

There are some days when, even if you could do something else, you really shouldn't. There's a reason I have a hammock and a garden in the backyard. Those things aren't any good unless you use them (same as old cars and motorcycles that you love). Either you use them... or they're just stuff that weighs you down, creating static that sounds like "One of these days...".
Sometimes that day has to be today... or tonight!

It's Good To Be Da King! available here

Do Something with Me!

Sometimes, I'll be wandering through a thrift shop, not looking for anything in particular and a piece will just jump out at me and scream "Do something with me!". That was the case with this crazy silver plated samovar I found a couple of weeks ago. The shape of it just said "Drama!".

So I came up with this...

Bette Davis Eyes available here