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Making Movies...

Some days it seems like you've got nothing going on and never will... and then there are days like this. I've been teaching my stage combat kids again, and teaching another group of kids art, I just had a pretty decent weekend at the Anacortes Arts Festival and I'm working a couple of banquet gigs and now, after a year of waiting and hoping, I'm making movies!

First up... I Love Death... a tender love story about The Grim Reaper... actually a nice guy named Ben falling in love with a woman on his "list". It's sweet, it's funny and, if we can pull it off, it will break your heart and make you howl with laughter at the same time. I've been involved with this project for a year or so, ever since we did a reading at ACT last birthday (!). We have a great cast and a really solid crew... we knocked both these promos out in an hour-forty-five last week.

I love working on films. Something I learned a couple of years back on "Curtains" is that w…

Garden Art

Tonight I finally got some birdbaths and planters up in the Webstore...
You would not believe some of the things that have found their way into my studio. A few weeks ago, I decided to start putting them together into new structures and forms.
Check'em out!

The Big Kahuna
La La Land
Editor in Chief

It's been a very busy couple of weeks. More to come later...