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Starting off... with a few words from Reverend Robinson

So i think this part of my website should be a discussion of where my mind goes during the various phases of my various creative processes. I tend to just think, think, think, CREATE, then drop it. I'm not sure how well that works for a consistent output or vision. It's more like a constant state of shooting from the hip. Productive... but exhausting.

I'm also not very good at journaling, so as I'm learning from my friend Ben, down in Austin, might as well do it out in public.

And speaking of doing it out in public, while I can't say enough how happy I am at the arrival of our new President, a man of great heart and vision, who has spent the last ten days reminding the world that America is just as much an idea and an ideal as it is a place and a collection of interests, I have to stand up for someone who kind of got kicked to the curb during the inaugural hoo-hah... Reverend Gene Robinson. Out of the closet, in a relationship, a spiritual leader... not a movie s…