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Wearing Black until somebody invents something darker...

One more shot from our Alki location... just to rub it in for the wonderful Carolyn Counterman... Here's me and the lovely Travis Sterner!
Last night was spent rehearsing the big revelation scene with Lizzie at Andy Tribolini's amazing loft. no pictures from that... Tomorrow, we shoot all day catching the scenes beween Death and his boss, the guy with the God complex...God.

Thanks again to one and all who helped get us over the top on Kickstarter... even if you just spread the word and rallied your friends. As Lindsey says, Kickstarter only works if you are part of a strong community. You all showed me that I am.

Pictures of the day!

Last night, we filmed on the shoreline at Alki Beach, just next to Salty's in West Seattle.

We got some beautiful footage as the sun was setting and even a little afterwards. Thanks to the whole crew for showing up and just nailing it in a very limited time frame!
Me and Lizzie filming an intimate moment with the help of a small army. Did you know it's her birthday today? Be nice to her!

 Carl and his large boom. He really loves his job.
The Picture of the Picture of the Day (which will be crucial to the plot of the film, but in order to use it in the scene last night we had to create it on the spot with the help of a computer, a digital printer and a generator hooked up to Travis' truck)
Location, Location, Location! Seattle really is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Waterfront, mountains, skyscrapers, ferries... Isn't it a shame that the city and the state of Washington have chosen to try and save a few bucks by closing down our film and tv liason offices …