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Cleaning House!

Image, it's not another sale... I'm really just cleaning my house today. Do you have any idea what kind of a mess I make when I'm working away in my studio? I completely trash the joint.  It looks like the Terminator came back through time with the intent of killing Liberace. It looks like a train wreck during morning rush hour for a bunch of people heading to work at Cirque du Soleil. It looks like the aftermath of a bar brawl in the middle of Pride weekend! Piles of rhinestone chain, bits of clay, bags of sequins spilled out where they'll stick to the wrong thing, boxes of stuff that I didn't find the one thing I was looking for in but maybe I'll need them in a little while. Sharpies to paint charms with, little glass beads, tiny hands, rolls of wire, action figures that look like they just got back from a tour in a combat zone. It gets really bad when I'm in between art shows and half my display stuff is packed up for the show and the other half is place…

Before Summer Fades...

... here's another "Social Butterfly"!

"Twilight" available here...
Today was a good day to stay inside and finish projects (Seattle can't decide if it's going to have an Indian Summer or an Eastern European Winter). There were moments of sunshine interrupted by long stretches of overcast bluster. So I cleaned 400 emails out of my inbox and finished this piece, a commission from my friend Eileen - 
"Let's put our heads together"

This one is mounted on one of my new pin stands.  I reduced the height of the stand by almost half  and discovered that it actually emphasized the piece the way I've always wanted it to.  Finally!

Social Butterflies

So... This past Friday evening, we performed our musical, Meet The Biscottis, down at the Spirit of Washington Events Center in Renton. I always say that every time we do it in a new location, we have to reinvent the wheel. It's so true... sound changes, lighting changes, timing changes, blocking changes.  Do we have to work around waitstaff as they run food out to the tables? do we have to run it out ourselves? Do we have to compete with noise from the bar or the street outside? Script changes? Does this bit work anymore? Did that bit ever work? Why don't we try this? Does the management hate us? Does the management like us? Does the management know we're trying to do a show here?

 This was our second show in this space... in August, we started working with this group (old friends from our days on the Mystery Train) and they really did a wonderful job for us... built a stage (well, actually they rented it but it was there!), set up a dance floor so we wouldn't beat ou…