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Works in progress!

I'm heading out on the road for a couple of shows and I'm up to my elbows in unfinished work, so tonight I'll just post a big shot of these pieces waiting for their titles...

and a smaller shot of this guy-

he's called "Should have moved the net!"

See y'all in Austin!

Let'em roll!

Tonight's selection... a slight turn towards the surreal... combining two of my favorite motifs... the gargoyle... and the pink flamingo... put them together in a food processor, add in a whispering cherub, top off with a hand holding 4 aces and you've got the patron demon of Las Vegas.

"Are You A Gambler?"

What I love about Vegas is that if a demon did take over a part of the strip and redecorate it to its dark and nefarious tastes, it couldn't look any stranger than some of the other casinos out there. think about it... Volcano? Got one already. Pyramid with tombs in the basement... done that.  Strange creatures hanging from the ceiling, spinning on hooks and speaking gibberish?

Have you seen anything by Cirque du Soleil lately?

Are You A Gambler? is available in my Etsy store.

The Smirky Universe!

Okay... so I missed posting yesterday (note to myself: Surprise! This is hard work!) So here's a twofer from the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar!

That big piece in the center was  a big departure for me. For one thing, it's much larger than most stuff I do. It's built on the bottom side of a recycled backyard barbecue grill. It's also more of a collage than a sculpture, filled with dozens of gems and buttons and sequins and weird found stuff, even a few old pins that I thought looked cool on it. I took a while to get it right. I kept pulling it apart and rebuilding it until I was happy with it. It was about the joy of the moment of creation... just on a universal scale.

I called it "Big Bang" or "Center of the Universe" or something... I'm not sure anymore because once my friend Kristina saw it, she started calling it "The Smirky Universe".

And that kind of stuck with me. It must have stuck with her, too. She came back on Christmas eve and…