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It's The End of The World As We Know it...

...and I feel fine.
There's a great story by Alan Moore (cranky British genius who wrote some of the best comics ever to be made into terrible movies) called "Promethea". Really, it's three years worth of stories leading up to the end of the world. Everybody knows the end of the world is coming, signs and portents  are everywhere, that whole thing. Folks go a little nuts, get in fights, try to settle old grudges and then, realizing it's all in vain, they give up the struggle,  figure out none of it was that important, hug it out, band together, and wait for the end. The lights go out.

Then they come back on again.

Either no one has died or everyone has, but they're in exactly the same place. But everything is different because what ended was that state of mind, that point in history and all the bullshit that went with it. And now everyone gets a fresh start with new eyes and an open heart.

If the world has to end, I vote for that one.

Impending Doom? Works For…

Patron of the Arts

Something a little glitzier than usual today...
Patron of the Arts available here

What could she be looking at? Maybe these guys?

State of Grace

This piece  above is a story about a person on a vision quest. Like all shamans before them, they have to go a little nuts before they take that first step. When they finally do,  they navigate by the stars in their eyes. Their choices may take them into dangerous places.But they have nothing to fear for the angels that have come before them will guide them safely home.

A long time ago I took that first step. I'm sure there are any number of reasons that I went a little nuts. Excitement. Exhaustion. Caffeine. Queso. A sense that I was in the right place at the right moment. Everything was electric. Urgent. Symbolic. Metaphoric. Odd. I was on an adventure in an amazing place surrounded by gifted people. I was the stranger in the strange land. And yet ... everywhere I turned, there was an open hand that seemed to say "Welcome. It's about time you got here". Weird. Deja vu to the nth degree. How did I know these people I had never met? Why did I feel so safe in a place …

Christmas Rapping (and my Favorite Christmas Song)

Having been part of The Armadillo Family for so long, it is hard to think about Christmas without hearing the songs of the holiday in my head... It just isn't Christmas if I haven't heard Chris Albert rock out with "Linus and Lucy" on his piano. I was struck with a wracking catharsis the first time I heard Slaid Cleaves sing the bittersweet "One Good Year"... I know it doesn't mention the holiday, but I dare you to listen to that song and not think of all the times you've struggled and fallen short and gotten up to keep going with the help of some mysterious grace.

But here's my current favorite Christmas song. No Santa, no religion, it's all about just recognizing and enjoying the ones you love...

Now if only we could get Tim Minchin  to play the 'Dillo...

A Blue Christmas (Without You) available here

Christmas Rapping (pictured above) available here

'tis the season...

I came home to find a very nice response to Christmas Carol and her sisters, so here are some more...
 Christmas Carol #5- Do You Think We Overdid It? available here

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear available here