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Okay... I've landed in Austin... did all my shopping (I never thought iI'd say this but I want to give a shout out to the helpful folks at the North Austin Home Depot), got caught up on my sleep... very important and chronic... I always think there's just a little more to do, one more piece to finish, one more detail to fret about, and before i know it I've been awake all night with not a lot to show for it but some frazzled nerves and a cool piece of work that I may not be able to talk  about coherently.

The show is 1/2 set up. got the walls up, the floor down, the lights hung, and all the shelve in place. I'm in a new "neighborhood", back behind the stage, with folks around me I've never hung out with. I'm sure I'll get to know them pretty well in the next 11 days.

I had one of those moments that makes it all come home for me yesterday. One of the folks from a neighboring booth came by to ask if he could take some pictures of my work on open…