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In the Groove...

There are times when life is so hard that all you want to do is lay there (and by you, I mean me). But one of the advantages of being in this life is that if I don't show up with my work, I don't eat. So I have to show up. And I have to work. So I am fortunate in that when i start working, my mind starts taking off. And things like this happen...

This is one of the pieces I came up with in the week when I got back from Florida... It's called "You won't even notice me"

I'll post more soon when I get my camera issues resolved. If you want to see it in person come to LiveArts, the Bothell Art Festival this weekend.
And if you mention the secret password, you'll get 10% off the price of your purchase! This week's password...
"I'm Batman!"
See you soon!

"You won't even notice me" is available in my Etsy Store.