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Way up in the clouds...

Sitting in  the first class cabin on an Alaska flight bound for  Minneapolis, then on to Fort Meyers. On my way to a memorial service for Bob. It's a beautiful day way up here, clouds way beneath me, round and full and bright.

Some wonderful person just brought me some roasted nuts. I know they're roasted, not because the package says so (there isn't one) but because they're warm!  AND I'm drinking  Bailey's on the rocks out of a glass made of Glass! Dear God, they're going to have to pry me off this flight! Thank you, Karri Meleo!

Here's a piece for today... A Friend in Need... from 2008...

My friend, Eric Anderson (the minister and musician, not the actor and musician, although he has been that, too) posted a question today about what is our moral and ethical obligation in the face of the suffering inflicted upon all the animals that live in, and around, and off of the Gulf of Mexico. How do we respond?
I think we have to speak for those who cannot. W…

New Stuff...

Got some good work done today...  just trying to keep moving right now...  thinking big today, so here are some new wall sculptures...

14" x 14"
available here

11" x 11"
available here

18" x 18"
available here


From 1997...

Shelter From The Storm

Trying to focus on getting some new work done, but it's difficult. In the meantime, here's a piece from 1997. The title and the mood are both appropriate for today...

Shelter From The Storm

Stay tuned...

Memorial Day

I took this shot about 11 years ago. We were walking through Arlington National Cemetery and I saw this man out of the corner of my eye. Just a man, sitting with an old friend, looking out at the past, remembering a time when they stood together in the same place and faced the same ordeal.

If you've never been to D.C., go while you still have the chance. Say what you want about the people there that get all the press. When you walk around that town, you're walking through the biggest museum in the world. And what's on display is America the idea, with all its majesty, all its arrogance, and all its idealism. Every now and then, it's worth thinking about.

Send in the Clowns...

This has been a week  of great sorrow and loss for me. Eventually, I will write about it here... For now, I'll just post the pieces I was working on when the bad news came through... What's sorrow without a healthy dose of irony?

Shecky the Bitter Clown
(from the collection of David and Linda Stahl)

     Don't Tell Me What's Funny... I Know What's Funny!

Second thoughts on a Chosen Career

                                            Finally Hit the Big Time!

                                                               (available in my Etsy Store)

I can't look at these pieces without hearing my stepfather's voice...