I missed you...

pictured - Learn To Be Still

I've been away for a bit. It's been a hell of a summer. Really. But I hope to be posting more regularly here... there are many important things to talk about... like which film was better... Star Trek Into Darkness or Man Of Steel?
That's a trick question.
They both sucked.
But that is a post for another night...

Tonight, I invite you to three events...
This Weekend...

I'll be in booth #76, on Front St. just north of NE Alder .
I'll have new wearable goodies and several of my new garden pieces!
pictured - When you're going through hell... keep going! 

Until Oct. 13, you can find my work at City People's  Garden Store
as part of their annual garden art sale!

And then...
as if that wasn't enough, I'll be showing at 
November 14-16

More to come...


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