Life is Beautiful


It's true. I'm not saying it's not tough. I'm not saying it's not scary or sad or confusing or tragic sometimes. But we are surrounded by instances of grace and beauty. Look at this...

It's a daisy I found for my garden. It starts out with flat petals but as it matures the petals curl in towards the center, creating these science fiction starburst flowers. And it's purple! How cool is that?

Look at this...

I mean, look at it! I know... It's a snail. But it's maybe an inch and a half long! Look at the colors in it's body. You can see its tiny little eyes.  It was on my sidewalk one rainy day last week. I almost stepped on it. Then I damn near flipped head over heels into my garden trying not to . I think I spent 10 minutes on my knees in the rain trying to capture a decent shot of it.

It was just a moment and it was silly, but it was also so much fun to get lost in the discovery of something wonderful just under my feet.

This week we've seen unimaginable horror but we've also seen amazing strength and caring and grace. We've seen cowardice in congress but we've also seen men and women run headlong into danger and scoop up strangers to care for them. We've seen people standing in the street to cheer for cops who've been working around the clock for four days so that a city could breathe easier.  We've seen carelessness almost level a town in Texas, but we've seen it answered by men unafraid to stand in a fire if it means someone else can get out of it.

They beauty in our lives is not just in what we choose to look at, but in how we choose to live.


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