Beautiful Dreamer

So for the last few months, I've been getting up at hell o'clock in the morning (5am) in order to drive a mile up to the mall to go stand in a 110 degree room and do yoga with dumbells in my hands. I know what you're thinking... mid-life crisis! No (although I can understand people going that way... you don't wear a whole lotta clothing in a 110 degree room). More like an opportunity to dial in, to my body, to my health, to a little peace of mind. It's just time to go somewhere and strive without having to be "myself"... I'm not anybody's friend, I'm not an advanced student, I'm not "Mr. D", I'm just a guy working off his spare tire by doing something difficult.

And it's wonderful. But it's exhausting! I need a nap when I'm done, and that's not just from the exercise... I don't get to sleep early enough to get enough sleep to be off and running after a 6am class. So a nap...then I get to work at the restaurant... usually a double, then I get home and I drop again! My creative rhythm is a little off in other words!

However, what's blowing up is my dream life. I've been having the most amazing dreams since I started seriously doing hot yoga! Like "Inception" Level dreams. One morning I literally had one of those "Am I a man dreaming I'm a butterfly or am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a man?" dreams. Struggling,  dying, slipping into darkness and crawling out into a whole new life and looking into the mirror and knowing I was different and carrying that awareness into a whole new story in the same dream. And it was so much fun!

I've filled up a dream journal with these stories. Perhaps I'll tell them and post them with some appropriate art...


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