Christmas Rapping (and my Favorite Christmas Song)

Having been part of The Armadillo Family for so long, it is hard to think about Christmas without hearing the songs of the holiday in my head... It just isn't Christmas if I haven't heard Chris Albert rock out with "Linus and Lucy" on his piano. I was struck with a wracking catharsis the first time I heard Slaid Cleaves sing the bittersweet "One Good Year"... I know it doesn't mention the holiday, but I dare you to listen to that song and not think of all the times you've struggled and fallen short and gotten up to keep going with the help of some mysterious grace.

But here's my current favorite Christmas song. No Santa, no religion, it's all about just recognizing and enjoying the ones you love...

Now if only we could get Tim Minchin  to play the 'Dillo...

 A Blue Christmas (Without You)

Christmas Rapping (pictured above)


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