The Things I Do For Love! (Custom Division) UPDATED WITH LINKS!

These two beautiful people are my friends, Michelle and Scotty. They're getting married in a couple of months. So Michelle thought it would be fun if I created a custom wedding cake topper for them.Notice anything about them?  Yes, they are both beautiful. But the difference between them is that Michelle was born that way and Scotty has to work at it every single day. He's a body builder. You think he looks big here?   You should see him on stage after he's pumped up!  Check out these shots here and here!

Michelle suggested that I should play with the difference in their sizes for the piece. I liked the idea, but Michelle brought up a good point. It would be easy to make her look like a child instead of just making her look smaller... and that would be... creepy. So I thought the solution should be to make him really big and her really small, like small enough to sit on his bicep...

So first, I roughed out the pose with some sculpey and wire...

Then I defined his face and body a little bit and tried to give him a "strongman" kind of attitude...

I added his wedding suit, looking like he had "Hulked out" in it...

 Then it was time to add the future Mrs. Kluth... I don't think she looks too young here.

No "Hulking out" is complete without the exploded footwear!

The finished product...

That night, I delivered it to Michelle at work. I think she likes it.
Congratulations, my friends!


  1. Greg, You are unbelievable, Best Wishes to your friends....Love you always, Phyl

  2. We Love it!!! This will definitely be a great element at our wedding in July and for many years to come displayed in our home. The best part about it is it truly represents Scotty and I. We could have bought a generic cake topper but this just takes it to a much higher level. Thank you for being willing to customize this for us, listening to what our desires were, and putting such heart and creativity into the final piece. You have exceeded our expectations. See you soon! - Michelle


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