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 Hooray! I've finally finished moving my workspace out of my house and into...

the "Dungeon" at Quantum.

It feels really good to have some space to breathe in around the house. One of the things I realized about the way I work is that I'll find an odd thing to work with, it will inspire me and I'll pick it up, planning to make something brilliant, but before I can, I'll find another thing and another and pretty soon I'll have a pile of ideas that I've never brought to completion and it just kills my spirit to look at it filling my living space.

So, I have moved all that stuff out,  and in the process tossed a bunch of things and donated a bunch of other things and just whittled down the pile of potential. Some things will come to fruition, some won't, I suppose. Ideas don't seem to be a problem for me... it's time to see what shows up now.

As for what I'm doing with the open space... I guess I now have a gallery!

 It'll be open by appointment to my patrons. This summer, I'll have my big garden pieces and fountains out in my actual garden and out in front of the house (I hope  they'll attract some good attention).

This summer I'm taking some time off from the art fair scene, so if you'd like to drop by and see what I'm up to, please contact me at artboy@drizzle.com.


  1. Beautiful! Are you going to have a gallery opening soiree?

  2. Just remember -- there is still always room for your work in Everett at 3231 Creatives if you ever feel like reach out to a larger fan base.


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