For a Survivor...

I woke up at about 5am this morning, dreaming about family and friends in L.A., and had trouble getting back to sleep. So I did what any reasonably techno-addicted person would do in this day and age and thought to check my email... in bed via my sexy little iPhone. There amidst the funny pictures and the offers of deals from VistaPrint, was an email from an unfamiliar address about a butterfly pin that I had made a few weeks ago.
The sender was a very brave woman whom I had met briefly last Christmas. She's a friend of another remarkable person, one who seems to hold the world and all its awfullness at bay though sheer good will and faith. This woman is going through circumstances that can only be described as an Orwellian nightmare and , yet, she perseveres. She took the time to thank me for making this piece for her. I had gotten the request second hand and misunderstood it. I thought the piece was going to be a surprise gift and not a request from a person who needed a little something extra to keep her pushing through the storm.
I am humbled to be made aware of the ways my work can touch someone else's life. You never know where your energy will take root.
Thanks, Jennifer. Hang in there.


  1. I know your art touchs many. I think it is a beautiful thing.

  2. You must have some amazing friends. :)


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