Blast From The Past (comics edition)

My first superhero sculpture, all in Fimo...

from the collection of Lisa Glomb


  1. A prized possession still! The finer details are a little difficult to see here, but I love that there is a little gator head peeking up just behind his foot, and there is a NO PARKING SIGN on the tree. Greg made this for me in honor of a behemoth car I owned back when I first came to Seattle, I think I paid $250 for it. We decided it had to have been a victim of a flood or dredged out of a swamp, due to the malodorous odor that seeped out of its every pore when the sun came out.

  2. I love your superhero work!

  3. Greg is one of the most original artists around Seattle...His work has been a real inspiration. Makes me want to live in an art work. Oh, that's right I do..Art always in progress.


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