Rehearsal for "Death"

Okay... so now we're close to our first official shooting date for "I Love Death". You don't often get to rehearse in film ( I imagine that usually comes down to time and money, but there's also the consideration of usually not having the location or the props for the scene until the very last minute so what are you going to do that you won't have to do over later?, but we carved out a couple of evenings for it. I'm glad we did... "Death" is going to be a short film, but it's going to be full of little moments. So it's important that we fill them up and make the most of them.

Naturally, we're starting by shooting the climax of the film first. It takes place outdoors... at the wedding (oops... did I give something away?)... so we had to find someplace to rehearse outdoors this evening.

Here we are at Bellevue Downtown Park...
Here we have, l. to r., Andrew Tribolini- our First A.D. and one hell of a funny actor, Travis Sterner- our Writer/Director, and Lizzie Raetz, our Leading Lady.

Bellevue Downtown Park pretty much has nothing in common with the actual location we'll be shooting at, except air and random people passing by, but it sure was pretty to look at.

There will  be chaos and special effects but for tonight we were limited to faking it, so just imagine a terrific storm blowing the toupee right off Andy's head here. Trust me... it'll be cool.
We worked on those small moments that are going to make or break the story. I can say right now that I trust Travis and his vision for the movie. I think we're in really good hands.

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More to come...


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