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Some days it seems like you've got nothing going on and never will... and then there are days like this. I've been teaching my stage combat kids again, and teaching another group of kids art, I just had a pretty decent weekend at the Anacortes Arts Festival and I'm working a couple of banquet gigs and now, after a year of waiting and hoping, I'm making movies!

First up... I Love Death... a tender love story about The Grim Reaper... actually a nice guy named Ben falling in love with a woman on his "list". It's sweet, it's funny and, if we can pull it off, it will break your heart and make you howl with laughter at the same time. I've been involved with this project for a year or so, ever since we did a reading at ACT last birthday (!). We have a great cast and a really solid crew... we knocked both these promos out in an hour-forty-five last week.

I love working on films. Something I learned a couple of years back on "Curtains" is that when the cameras are rolling is the only time I'm important to the process. Really. In between takes, my job is to keep everyone happy and get the hell out of the way. There are a million things going on that need to happen and have nothing to do with me or my needs. I find myself thinking of the tenets of the martial arts... the most important of which is courtesy... If I could add another, it would be patience...
Afterwards, as Spenser would say "Readiness is all".

So, yes, we could use some money to pull it together. Anyone who kicks in to the budget will have my eternal gratitude and some nifty gifts as well. Think of it as just like donating to PBS, only without having to sit through Dr. Wayne Dyer or another Moody Blues concert!

You can learn more and make a donation here...

And after this comes "Vampyr"!


  1. I'm always impressed by your combination of patience, hustle and yes, readiness! You've got a lot of plates spinning... Eileen


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