Tales of a young actor...

Just a quick post. Things are happening ... and fast. I've gone from no jobs to five in rotation, with the potential of getting one of my dream jobs off the drawing board and into reality. I've also gone from two "wouldn't it be nice" movie projects to "here are the shooting dates, can you color your hair?". I'm training like a maniac every day to make sure i look my best on camera. And I'm training a friend who misses her karate but also wants something different. Suddenly, I'm throwing techniques that I thought I knew for fifteen years and feeling them really connect and work for the first time. Huh... practice... who knew?

And, of course,  this week I spent the most amazing time with four great kids in a stage combat class. They surprised me every day and in the end, they made me quite proud. I'll be posting video on that as soon as I make sure it's okay with their families. 

Today I'd like to point you to a blog I've recently discovered, A Year of Auditions.
It's exactly that.
Stasia Kehoe posts stories about people... not just actors, but dancers, musicians, authors... people facing that weird, awful, exhilirating experience  of walking into a room full of strangers and saying "Here I am! You want some of this?"

I'm today's featured post, telling the story of how I wound up in Seattle and how I got my first gig.

I hope you like it...



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