Technology Marches On!

A few years ago, the amazing Lindey Lane wrote a sweet book called Snuggle Mountain. (I'd say it's a children's book, but when you create a thing to be read to a child, aren't you creating it just as much for the grown-ups involved?) The illustrations were done by Melissa Iwai, a wonderful artist. It's a great book, but like so many great books, it was published but didn't make a big enough splash in the marketplace. It came into being, eventually all of its copies were sold, and, like so many stories, it went out of print.
But now it's back, in a whole new way. Lindsey and Melissa have taken a step into the brave new world of interactive books and transformed Snuggle Mountain into an app  for your iPad. Now you can explore the world of Emma as she climbs up the mountain, searching for pancakes in the land of the two-headed giant! it's available on iTunes. Check it out!

While you're at it, check out this link, from Laura Miller at Salon. It's an essay about how much more there is to libraries than just stacks of old books and ladies who go "Shush!". I think we'll always need a place where we can explore books and ideas and writing in real time and three dimensions. The best experiences I've had in libraries have always come from finding those things I didn't know i was looking for. Happy accidents...

and from the happy accident department...
Key Pendants


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