Learning Curve

 So these are the other two pieces in the series (in their embryonic state). I'm moving back and forth among them to make sure that they all relate in size and mood. It also helps me keep moving, avoiding getting stuck or obsessing too much. I have to keep adjusting my plans as I see how they're coming together. Methods I've used in the past don't seem quite right right now, so I'm doing some creative shopping. these will look quite different in a day or two...

I had a profound realization this week that I can talk about but only in the most general terms. I'm working a new job for an organization that shall remain nameless. It's a lot of fun and there are no weapons or illegal substances involved. Just the egos of some very hard working people who are trying very hard to reach a lofty goal. I get paid to help train them. At the end of each session, I and  an instructor who is very much my senior are tasked with giving these folks feedback on how they did on their exercise. Some folks are exceptional, most are very good... only a few so far seemed to need a great deal of improvement. Pretty impressive. But what makes the difference to me is seeing how the people react to the feedback. Some take in every word and want more. Others wear their own expectations of themselves like an armor, guarding themselves against failure so much that not even the positive feedback can get through to them. Sitting on the other side of the table like this has made me realize how all my teachers wanted me to succeed, how everybody I ever auditioned for wanted to see me wow them. It completely changes the dynamic for someone going into an experience like that. It sure changed it for me.

In honor of that realization, here's a piece about how that person on the other side of the desk used to look to me...

No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die
                       available here 


  1. I love it! And what a weight drops from you when you can see this.

  2. I see it as IS THAT IT? NEXT.........Now wait for your callback...wait wait wait


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