Did you know...?

Did you know....

.....that in order to grow healthy roses, you have to literally hack the living crap out of them after each winter and cut your bushes down to little itty-bitty stumps because if you don't the plants will grow all the way through the winter until they look like multi-legged anorexic supermodels standing on their heads in the dirt?

And did you know that, having cut them to within an inch of their existence, you might put them into shock, perhaps giving the impression you've slaughtered them in their beds?

But did you know that you just have to wait a week or two and the plant will slowly sprout again? Because, you should know, that roses are the cockroach of the plant kingdom and pretty much nothing you and your misguided attempts at gardening  can do anything to stop the return of these stylish and iron willed Cactus relatives!

And did you know that April is National Poetry Month?

And did you know that you should not be intimidated by poetry?
It's true! Anyone can be a poet! Really! As Hemingway said, "Write what you know!"

Start small with a haiku!

My nose is stuffy
Pizza ignites my allergies
Why is it so good?

Still intimidated?
Then follow the example of the amazing Lindsey Lane. She's discovered that you can "find" poems just by putting book titles together. Like this...
You can find examples of Lindsey's found poems on her blog!
Don't read? 
Hate Books but love Movies?
Try it with your home video collection!

See? There is Poetry all around us! (more so when you live with small children!)

But what's been going on with those sculptures I've been working on? The ones i really hope I get done in time for this weekend? Funny you should ask!

Did you know that you can't paint polymer clay with
a conventional spray paint? You did? Then why the hell didn't you tell me that? It would have saved me a bunch of time this week!
Did you know, however, that those smart folks at Rustoleum now make a paint especially to use on plastic?

And did you know that if you handle it just right, you can make your polymer clay look just like glass... like this?

...or  porcelain... like this?

or even bronze... like this? 

Stay tuned...

I just officially got off the waiting list for the Norwescon Art Show. I better get these babies done!


  1. Oh...DVD poems...fabulous...didn't think of that one.


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