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If you're a Seattle area artist, the fine folks at the Northwest Arts Alliance will be presenting their second Skills Workshop this coming Saturday, April 2nd. If you are one of the many artists facing the learning curve that smacks you in the face the first time you have to apply to a show using the Zapplication portal, you should consider signing up for this.

I've been using Zapplication for shows for several years now. Prior to participating in the NWAA Workshop weekend, I had about a 10% success rate with Zapplications (1 acceptance for every 10 Zapplications).

After applying what I learned from the Photoshop, Photography, and Jury classes at the workshop, I've been accepted to 3 out of the 4 shows I've applied to so far this year. So that made the time and money I spent there a very good investment.

I also had the opportunity to work with some very smart, friendly and enthusiastic artists who were willing to share their knowledge and experience to help each other to  be more successful. It made me realize what a wonderful resource our community is. Experiencing that alone was worth signing up.

You can find more info here...


  1. This is great news that it is working out for you so well! Sometimes it just takes breaking the code...


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