King of all Social Media

Here is the interview I did on the  KVUE Morning News in Austin on opening day of the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. If it seems like I'm driving the interview, that's all to the credit of Melissa, the interviewer. When I arrived that morning, I was presented with a prepared script covering what I would be talking about. It was hokey and contrived, not to mention inaccurate. The staff brought me out to the studio to sit off-camera one segment early and when I mentioned that they were acting on the wrong information, the quick-thinking anchors, Melissa Gale and Olga Campos  actually heard me and then just asked a few questions and let me talk. What you're going to see here is Melissa then recalling all the points I brought up and feeding me the right questions to get the all the info out that we had just covered off-camera. She was able to completely change her game plan two hours  into a two and a half hour broadcast that had started at 4:30 am.  God only knows what time she had to show up for work! Think about that the next time you wonder if the talking heads on TV know what they're doing.

Thanks to Sherry Smith for making all the connections and to the amazing Brain Trust at the 'Dillo for thinking I was the guy for the job.


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