given circumstances and what you do with them

Each year, I come to Austin to do the 'Dillo hoping that i have enough work to get through the show successfully and each year I wind up doing more while I'm down here. This particular year I had hoped to be able to just show up and work the show for a couple of reasons. It was a shorter show and I know from experience that sometimes  my just being there to say "hello" to the guests will make the difference between buying and browsing. So I wanted to be there more.  Also, Lindsey and Gabi are really wonderful about letting me take over their porch and set up a road studio to work in and this year they had work done all over the house and everything looks really great including the porch with new storm windows and a freshly painted floor... and I kind of wanted to make a smaller footprint for their sake... but plans don't always work. I got a bunch of new work done up North, but I was working extra gigs in Seattle right up to my leaving, so I had to set up the shop to assemble and package all the pieces I had baked right before leaving. And, one of the plain facts is that being here always cranks my impulses up to the next level. I work fast and I take more chances and have more fun with my stuff... feeling like a rockstar will do that for you (thanks again, Shannon). So here are some of the pieces that came out of Austin 2011...

Thankyou,  Lindsey and Gabi. I could not do it without you either.


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