Big Thanks and New Stuff!

Last weekend, I attended a weekend's worth of workshops hosted by the Northwest Art Alliance, the fine folks who bring us the Best of the Northwest art fairs several times a year. We talked about jurying (that thing where you send in pictures of what you hope the people who run shows really want to see and then you never know why they must hate you specifically), and thing like booth design, selling techniques, wholesaling, photoshop techniques and photography.

I want to thank everyone who volunteered their time and energy to make the weekend happen. Not just the organizers... while I know it was a huge amount of work to get it up and running, and watching Karen Seymour work the registration desk Saturday morning was a tutorial in multitasking and good humor, I want to thank all the other artists who showed up to learn but wound up accidentally teaching, either by speaking up when a presenter got stuck on a question or just by allowing an image of their work to be put up on screen and saying "Whaddaya think about this?". You never know what will happen when you just take the leap to put your work in front of strangers and hear their gut reactions to it. So thanks to everyone who showed up.

And big thanks to the Amazing John Luke for showing up with his camera and lights and  pretty much his whole photo studio to show us how to make our work look good. The man just gets the job done!

I was lucky enough to show up asking for help when there was no one else around and he wound up shooting a dozen of my pieces for me because we couldn't figure out how to get into the manual controls of my camera. Here are some of his shots (and links to them in my shop).

                   "This is my career"

               "Carmina Banana"


  1. What great works, Greg! Funny, creative, you! Thanks for sharing.



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