I wanna go home with the Armadillo...

Greetings from the Palmer Events Center! austin hit the mid-eighties today. Armadillo Day 7 has come and gone and i'm still standing (just barely).  The word all around is that it's a good show.  Everyone involved with the show is so much happier to be in this space. It's run by the same people who run the Convention Center, but it feels like a whole different world. I guess the  biggest difference is that people actually like to come here! Attendance is up and the guests seem much happier. Last night set a record for a Monday, kids music in the daytime and The Eggmen doing Beatles covers at night. Best Monday i can remember, but the Eggmen made me decide i don't want to be behind the stage next year... if the sound from the monitors was that loud, I hope the boys were wearing earplugs!

I spent today making new pieces in the daytime and working the show last night. Marcia Ball and Ruthie Foster played this evening. I couldn't get close enough to get decent shots but they sounded wonderful... blues on the electric piano. Just a great show. the amazing Shannon did a great job for me today.

Here's a look at her in her new hat!
And how about those Derailers!
They proved that sometimes the best way to do a Beatles cover is to do it your way instead of theirs!

And, of course, Band of Heathens!
Great Band, but you know that guy who drives you nuts at concerts?  the one who's dancing all by himself and started before the music did, the one who somehow manages to keep getting into your shot no matter where you move?  That guy who tries to get you to dance and if you don't want to just turns his back on you and dances right in front of you...?
That guy in the corner of the shot?
Yep, it's him!

sleep now...


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